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Enjoy one-on-one personalized service

One of our team members will work with you from the very start. You'll be up and running as fast as possible.

Designed for your sized business

Setup a team to fit your company's size. Multiple pricing sets to support multiple locations or service types.


1,000 Users

Since 1996 our estimating system has generated an average of more than $6,000,000 a month in service agreements.


Real Historical Data

Our estimates are the result of painstaking analysis of hundreds of millions of real equipment service cost records.


Estimates in Minutes

Designed for sales people by sales people. Everything you need to get a profitable agreement in minutes, not days.


Fast, Accurate & Mobile

No need to lug around a laptop or even a tablet, you can enter equipment on your internet capable phone!


$50 a Month

If your boss won't buy this, we have a special discount for you if you buy it yourself. Contact us today.


Fanatical Support

The most common compliment we get, "Support is amazing!" We are available in many ways: phone, email, online.

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